Sports And Educational Excellence Centre And Sports Medicine Centre.

C.E.O and Founder, Christopher Forsythe -Forsports Foundation with a Surveyor working on the proposed site for the construction of the centres.

Forsports Foundation has decided to investigate the possibility of creating a Sports and Educational Excellence Centre as well as West Africa’s first Sports Medicine Centre which will offer children formal education as well as vocational training with much focus on academic, vocational and individual sports training whilst the Sports Medicine Centre will specialized in diagnosing and treating sports or exercise-related injuries and provide athletes rehabilitation and training facilities.

The centre will have facilities that can be used for various sporting disciplines and we expect it to be used by national sports teams as well as corporate organizations and the Sports Medicine Centre will also be patronised by government agencies, sports teams and corporate organisations and individuals across West Africa and beyond to generate income for sustainability. We will also enroll children who can afford to pay school fees for training at the centre at a very reduced cost.  Some of these funds will be redistributed back to the centre to cater for the subsidized fees to be offered to the fee paying children and run the centre as well.

The centre will be situated on a 105-acre land situated at Odomase-Sunyani, which has already been acquired.  It will be planned and constructed to the highest of standards and must be truly able to sustain itself for many, many years to come. The rationale behind this decision is based upon the successful formation of the Forsports Foundation and the promising support received by Forsports Foundation from the Government, the Regional Government as well as the Chiefs and the local community leaders.

When successfully funded and delivered, this project will bring facilities to the area of Brong Ahafo and, specifically Odomase-Sunyani, which have never been seen before and will also provide a fantastic centre of excellence for elite Ghanaian athletes to utilise.


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