by adinortey

A non-governmental organization Forsports Foundation Ghana has launched its website to support their contribution and day-to-day activities towards the needy in our society.

Forsports Foundation was established in 2005 as a community based non-governmental organization in Ghana, West Africa to use football and other apt means as a tool for social development and cohesion.

The foundation was established to provide hope and life for neglected youth,brilliant but needy and those who have interest in football.

Football has become an avenue for a lot of youth in this world to realize their dreams even when they’re poor in academics and with this website it will help promote these young lads for the rest of the world to appreciate their efforts.

Ghana, just like other Africa countries is blessed with staggering young talents in football but very difficult for them to realize their dreams due to abject poverty, lack of financial support from the family and lack of facilities.

Many young talents have had their dreams shuttered by virtue of lack of assistance but with this foundation it is believed that , most teenagers will be given mouth-watering support to aid them reach higher grounds in their chosen careers.

Forpsports Foundation stands to undertake projects to demonstrate how they can help in a more compelling way to reduce child Labour which has become rampant in our society. Readers can log in to to read more.

By :Sasu Danquah High Priest.

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