by adinortey

Speech at Commissioning of Nursing School at Goaso, Ghana, Dr. Sue Crawford, IMEC –April 27, 2014 Mr. Chairman, Nananem, Minister of Health, Brung Ahafa Regional Minister, Honorable Alhaji Mohammed Doku- MCE for the Asunafo North Municipality, other honored Ministers, MDCE’s present, members of the Asunafo North Municipal Assembly, Center for the Empowerment of the Vulnerable/Forports Foundation Staff of the Midwifery school, students, guests and friends,….. It is my pleasure to be here at the commissioning of the Goaso Midwifery and Nursing Training School. I represent IMEC, the International Medical Equipment Collaborative. With me are represenatatives from the Forsports Foundation and CEV- Center for the empowerment of the Vulnerable- Christopher Antoh Forsythe- CEO of Forsports Foundation, and Kwasi Ampofo, Project Manager. IMEC is a non-profit, humanitarian volunteer organization based in North Andover, Mass in the USA. We collect used donated medical equipment and surplus supplies and clean, repair and pack them to send in 40 foot sea containers to needy medical facilities all over the world. We send to small rural clinics and big referral teaching hospitals and everything in between and each project is done specifically for the specific needs of the receiving facility. We package all the equipment as complete suites for each department. IMEC was approached by Christopher Antoh Forsythe a year ago, about equipping some facilities in the region, and assessments were done via email. Although there were several hospitals and clinics to be equipped, they identified this one as a priority: the Goasco Nursing and Midwifery training center. I was aware that this nursing school would be serving a large population- as this area was previously underserved with regards to health care and there was disparity with the absence of nursing training facilities in the area. Forsports Foundation and The Center for the Empowerment of the Vulnerable worked with IMEC and was responsible for coordinating this on the Ghana side. We proposed to send equipment for all parts of the school—exam suites, patient ward and bed suites, community delivery suite, pediatric crib suite, critical care/ ICU suite, as well as classroom suites, administrative suites and medical library. We also included specifically requested items as mannequins, birthing simulators, and teaching CD’s and DVD’s. This would provide teaching settings for both basic and clinical learning. Our IMEC volunteers carefully cleaned, fixed and packed the items into suites and included linens and other extras for their colleagues and friends in Ghana. Christopher (CEO of Forsports Foundation) was involved with coordinating the initial assessments, and Kwasi Ampafo, the project director for CEV, did an excellent job at coordinating the shipping, customs clearance and local delivery. The container shipped in February and arrived in port, cleared customs and was locally transported to Goaso—and unloaded by suite. It is so wonderful for me to come here to represent IMEC to see all the equipment in place and in use to help with the training of such much needed medical personnel. We hope that you have found it satisfactory and that it will be instrumental in instruction and obtaining clinical experience. IMEC is looking forward to collaborating with Forsports Foundation to do more projects to send equipment to clinics, health centers and hospitals in and around this region of Ghana. Thank you for having me at this celebration and good luck to you all in the future—I have worked all over the world as a doctor and also have done equipment projects all over Africa—and from what I can see- Ghana has a bright future ! On behalf of IMEC, Forsports Foundation and CEV we really appreciate the good work of Hon Alhaji Mohammed Doku, beng the first district in the region to receive such a consignment form IMEC USA. While I am here now, we are visiting clinics and health centers in the region to do more projects to send equipment to help improve health

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